"The ground and the trend of fitness is getting aptness. Trainers need lot more various knowledge beyond whose traditional skills. Upon my antenna with twenty years experience in the industry, the training to clients must be more and more scientific which could have better prevention to injury but higher intensive generally. As a fitness professional, we always look for greater results with easier ways which can benefit to our clients also our careers. That's why I make RMT. "

eo Tang
Founder of RMT
Certified Trainer at PTA Global; PTN series; AASFP

When exercising with RMT, the Hydraulic Feature magnifies the draw of muscle fibers involved to stabilize and accomplish the exercise, which strengthens the connective tissues and enhancing the core strength, stability and balance. The structure inside RMT allows the flowing water moving by tiers; multi direction and various momentum which are fully controlled by the user during exercise. The positive consequence to the muscles will be a deeper; larger area and longer period of contractions. Since the human body must counter balance the instability and the impulsive force from the moving water, the users do not need any complicated skill to perform the exercise but also receiving the acquisition. RMT is especially effective for those who aim to increase their core strength, explosive power, neuromuscular coordination, proprioceptive awareness, speed and agility. RMT is your premier choice to Core Functional, Rehabilitation Training, Orthopedic and Sports Medicine field with remarkable efficacy.

In the field of rehabilitation, physiotherapist often uses core stabilizer training to treat lower back pains. Intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) generated by the co-contraction of core stabilizers provides support to the trunk, allowing athletes to execute in sports safely and correctly. RMT is certainily designed for Core Functional Training which benefit by its Hydraulic Feature - Hydro Dynamic, mainly on strengthening specialised functions for sports, combined with weight training and specially designed programs, this shortens training time and increases effectiveness.

  • RMT's adjustable weight from 3kg to 8kg by filling in water.

  • Wheel can be installed or be removed. Installed for advance training


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